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Aptoide is an alternative for Google play store. It is marketplace for mobile applications and that application runs on android operating system. When you download Aptoide App then you will see that there is not a unique and consolidated store instead of that each and every user can manage their own store.

Aptoide Apk

Aptoide App-aptoideapp.coFile Name : Aptoide App
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Updated : July 3, 2018
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   Download Aptoide App

There are various version of Aptoide App are available in the market like Aptoide for smartphones and tablets , Aptoide TV , Aptoide VR children’s devices when anyone thinks of alternative of Google play store then you can Download Aptoide . Aptoide is the splendid option for Android users to download several applications. It is 8th version was initially launched on 17 Nov 2009. As of early, Aptoide has over 900,000 apps when you go to Google play store and search for the particular app to download then you will find that some might be premium and some of the apps are available at free of cost in other app store.

Download Aptoide App


Aptoide App is another app store which works exactly like Google play store . we can called it Gangsta version of play store we called it so because Aptoide App allows to download several apps for free. Those unpaid apps are not published by the original developers but it was published by someone use who paid for the original app or got it from other source and uploaded it on Aptoide. In Google play store firstly you need to create the account only after that you are able for downloading the apps but you have to pay some charges that imposes on it but when you download Aptoide then you can download the several interesting apps at free of cost without pay any charges.
When you download an app using Google play store the but when you are trying to download the app from Aptoide then it only Download Aptoide Apk i.e Aptoide Apk and you have to install Aptoide Apk.

Is Aptoide App is safe of use?

Aptoide App has been growing its user base steadily for the last 4 years. Aptoide has a various numbers of users. It is open source platform and a lot of users are using this so we must take extra measures to ensure it’s consistent quality.

In this platform Aptoide when we take about security there is matter of little concern. There are so many users who try to upload malware as popular apps. But we have an anti-malware system that constantly scans and filters the content on every Aptoide store. Our system is always trying to keep the records update and protect the system from external threads and always try to improve the experience of the users who are using Aptoide.
In terms of security factors Aptoide community has several developers who tries their best to protect the user from malicious attacks and always try to keep the records update.

Aptoide for Android


   Download Aptoide for Android

Aptoide is a Best Android Apps for All android users. Aptoide for Android is a latest version launched on 3rd July 2018.There is need of some kind of stores to access the android application and that store is open source. The interaction and communication between the client and server is done by open protocol based on XML. The name Aptoide is derived from the word “APT” (the debian package manager) and “oide”(the last syllable of “Android”).

Aptoide for PC


   Download Aptoide for PC

Aptoide for PC is a complete marketplace for the users who do love apps and technologies. Aptoide TV provides you its services  at free of cost and it is the latest freemium apps. Aptoide protects your PC or laptop from malicious and external threats and keeps you update  according to trendest technology entering in the market.

Aptoide for iOS

   Aptoide for iOS

Aptoide for iOS is the best Apps market. You can run paid apps in your ios devices separately and download it from below link. I wish I provide you all the sufficient knowledge to download the Aptoide for IOS and you will enjoy its features.


Comparsion between Aptoide and Google play store

• Popularity :- when we talk in terms of popularity then we can see that there is a very little number of users who are aware of Aptoide App. Google play store still has huge numbers of users and more popularity in comparison to Aptoide.
• Users :- the Aptoide App has nearly 100 million user in all over the world but Google play store has billions of users.
• Security :- both the app stores are secure in nature. But Aptoide has so many apps in which some of them are cracked apps.
• Varity of Apps :- Google play store and Aptoide both has the advantage of availability of several apps but Aptoide has some app which are not available on Google play store.

Features of Aptoide App

1. Multiple version:- Aptoide App various numbers of apps users can download any type of version of it If are user are using latest version of any app but they want to access previous version again then they can download it.
2. Shareable :- Aptoide apps are easily shareable any user can share with another user they do not need any third party app.
3. Account creation :- In Google play store if you want to download any app then you must have gmail account. User can not download any app without gmail. But you are using Aptoide for downloading games then you need not to create account on gmail you can download apps without gmail account.
4. Updation :- user can easily update their application with new versions suppose you have found never version your game and you have updated but this update doesn’t suits you and you want the previous version back then you can easily downgrade the application.
5. User interface :- interface of the Aptoide is quite simple and user friendly. You just need to tap on the app to download.
6. Partnership :- Aptoide has special feature of partnership program in which users can set up and manage their own retails android store with partners.
7. Easily uploaded :- if you are an app developer and you want to upload any app on Aptoide then you can easily upload it without any difficulty.
8. Publilsher :- for developers Aptoide has published program which allows the developers to publish their apps and can gain the popularity.

Advantages of Aptoide App

There are various advantages of Aptoide App which are as follows
• Aptoide uses procureable stamps for users.
• It has feature of downgrade.
• User can manage their private store.
• Aptoide has publishing program.
• It provides parthership program.
• It offers open source version for developers.
• It is available in 40 languages.
• It has malware free ecosystem.
• It has attractive and simple user interface.

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