Wanna Survive Mod Apk V1.1.0

The game developing companies are developing games of different- different categories. Like if we talk about it in detail so there are so many categories in which games will be launches like a puzzle, Adventure, racing, mind games, superheroes specific, action-adventure, role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games, sports games and many more. So the developers are interested in developing games in each and every category which we have discussed here.

Wanna Survive Mod Apk V1.1.0

Apk Mod Survive Wanna

Today so many are fond of playing games it is a part of their daily life. Here again, we have come back with another interesting and unique game. The name of the game is Wanna Survive. As the game sounds by the name as it is on playing too. The game is full of zombies in it. You will have to face these bloodthirsty zombies at each level. It is a type of role-playing game with the zombie’s apocalypse settings in it. We must suggest that if you have the strength or daring to face these dangerous zombies then only start playing this game.

While playing the game you will explore new-new locations and you also find new and different things and weapons around you that you can use in fighting against the zombies. What you have to do is you will have to collect or make team of brave superheroes who can do help in fighting with these zombies. You also have to behave very bravery because you are strong and brave then only you will keep others like that.

One of the things which we don’t like about the game is that if any of your players means the hero will die while fighting in the game so you are unable to relive him or save him. You will lose your hero permanently. The Game is packed with excellent graphics it feels so realistic and the sound effect it also seems so amazing. You will come to know more when you will play this game.

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Here we have discussed all the information about wanna survive hope you will found this article useful and also like the article. If you are a game lover then you must try this game. Really wanna survive the game is interesting and action adventures. So go and download it from the Aptoide app store and feel the action and adventure.

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