TextNow Mod Apk 2019

As we all know there are so many applications are available in the market already. Every new day there is a new app introducing in the market. The developers also know this thing that today all have Smartphones and almost each and every person uses applications in their phone for any kind of use. So on this huge demand of apps, the new-new app is hitting the market and making their presence also to us. Today again we have come with an amazing app the name of the app is textnow apk. The app is very new and different. Also, it is very useful to us.

TextNow Mod Apk

Apk Mod TextNow

Now the question is what kind of game is this so textnow apk is a type of free calling and texting application for android users. Textnow apk is totally a free app. The user after installing the app uses the app and it has the freedom to send unlimited text and images to anyone whom he or she is taking at that time. It is like another calling and texting app but textnow is not that popular at that time but believes the app is very cool and amazing. It has all the features which a user wants in this type of app. Along with these features, you can also do unlimited calling to anyone.

Textnow also offers international calling but for this, you have to charge it is nor free after all it is an international calling so like other is does not charge too much here on textnow apk you will get international calling at very very low rates. Rates start at just $0.01 per minute. You can do international calling to more than 230 countries. You can easily make calls and also receive the calls.

It has a lot of emojis, stickers, and gifs also which you can use while chatting to anyone. Users can also send and receive and save pictures. Along with this, you can do unlimited video calling to your friends and family members. You can also use passcode by which you can lock your keep your messages locked. Along with this TextNow has many interesting features like conferencing, call forwarding, customized ringtones, attractive background, amazing eye-catching interface, assign individual ringtones to special ones, easy and quick reply to friends and family,

Download Aptoide Apk for TextNow Apk

As we all know Aptoide Apk is one of the best alternatives to the google play store. Where Google play store is chargeable for paid apps and games but on the other side we have the Aptoide app store which is totally free to use. Aptoide app store offers you to download any app and game for free of cost. We must suggest you download Textnow from the Aptoide app store. It has many advanced features. Aptoide Apk is best among all.


Here we have provided you all the information about the app. I hope you like the article and also found useful to you as well. If you want this type of knowledgeable information on a daily basis so can check your website. So kindly stay tuned with us. Textnow is a very useful app for free texting and any type of calling.

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