Pocket Troops Strategy RPG Mod Apk V1.40.0

If you are searching for a new cartoon game which is a funny and adventurous shooter game at the same time so we have come with a new game, we daily update new apps and games here for our readers. So today we are introducing Pocket Troops Strategy RPG Mod Apk. This is a very interesting game. The game is all about the soldiers, mini soldiers who look so funny but behave like a warrior in the game.

Pocket Troops Strategy RPG Mod Apk

Pocket Troops Strategy RPG Mod Apk

These cartoon military soldiers fight on the battlefield. Here in the game, you will have to lead the mini army of the brave warrior and soldiers against the strong bosses of the military. Make sure that you will create the best team of experienced and brave warriors who can fight from your side and takes charges on the battlefield. Before going into the battle you must recruit the fighters and train them for the battle as per fighting the battlefield.

Pocket Troops is a strategy shooter genre game. There are many features in the game like these angry mini soldiers have a lot of weapons by which they can give tough fights to the opponents on the battlefield. There are wide ranges of weapons like guns, cannons, shotgun, snipers, rifles, machine guns, and many more. All these weapons are safely stored in your shelter. The 3D graphics of the game look so appealing. The sound effect in the game is so amazing and realistic. The category of the game is games, strategy. The minimum android support required is 4.0 and above.

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