Idle Monster Tycoon Mod Apk

Yet another game has introduced in the market and the basic concept of the game is the rivalry between humans and the dangerous monsters. Again the monster had come back and this time they have come with more power and more force definitely they will give strong competition to the humans this time. We are also ready for taking challenges in each and every situation and level of the game. Again its time for humans to fight back with full power and strength to overcome the challenges in front of them.

Idle Monster Tycoon Mod Apk

Apk Mod Tycoon Monster Idle

Here in this game Idle Monster Tycoon you will see the big rivalry between the humans and the monsters again, the endless fight and the battles on the fields. Humans are ready to take the challenges and to defeat the monsters. For this battle make sure that you will appoint maximum numbers of soldiers and commanders who will stand with you like your army on the battlefield. The history of the game is that in the previous series of the game the monsters were defeated by the humans but still, some had left and they had come back this time to fight with the humans.

So this time the king of your army will have to do the recruitment of many soldiers. Take your army together and beat the Monsters as soon as possible. This game is very much engaging. You can play it offline also. The only key for humans to win is that keep attacking the monsters and kill them when you completely finished the monsters then you win the game and humans are safe. Hire soldiers as you can. Keep updating yourselves during the game.

The developers of the game are Game z. The minimum android support is 4.1 or above.

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