Draw Climber Mod Apk V1.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

Today in this article we will discuss one new and interesting game called Draw climber. Draw climber is a game with drawing mechanism. The developers of the game are VOODOO. The size of the game is 56 MB. Draw climber is available for Android devices. You need android 4.4 or above for playing this game. If we talk about the developers of the game VOODOO so they are very famous in the gaming industry. According to saying simple games also turn very interesting while playing this is the magic of VOODOO developers. The overall appearance of the game is very nice. Even the player who is playing it first time will also surely like the game.

Draw Climber Mod Apk

Apk Mod Climber Draw

Earlier if you have played the drawing styles mechanism game so you will not feel strange while playing Draw climber. The overall drawing mechanism in the game helps the player to reach quickly where the player wants to reach. Basically in this game what a player should do is he has to draw a blue block character on the screen and then try to help it reaching by running from starting point to his destination point as soon as possible. You will really enjoy it while doing this all. After you start the game player asked to draw the curves means you should draw things and then only the player will move here and there.

Drawing is very important in this game it plays a very vital role in the whole game and to accomplish the overall tasks as well. For example, if there is a deep and long way or pit so you need to draw a big leg on the screen so that it will jump with the right area. If there is a short way or little pit so you need to draw small pit in the screen so that it fits with the desired area to jump or walk. There is a couple of obstacles will come like big pits, small pits, narrow ways, stairs, etc. you have to keep drawing in this game the player had allowed for this until your character reaches to the destination safely.

You must draw all lines and curves perfectly so that your character reaches quickly to the finish line. During the race, many obstacles will come all are of different types and different dangers. You need to face all of them very carefully. Before reaching the destination you must collect as many coins as you can this will give to you at the end of the race if you win. The person who wins the race will get coins that he collected during the whole race and the loser of the game will not get any reward.

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