Aptoide Apk Yogo Download

Aptoide Apk: Yogo is a destination for watching funny short-form mobile videos and earn money by watching that videos. Watch millions of videos selected specifically for you,yoga make it easy for you to watch memorable moments of the world.it has a personalized video feed that adapts what you like, share and watch and shows you  most relevant, interesting, funny videos that you like the most and never want to stop watching ,HD video experience is good . it gives you coins for a watch that videos and that coins helps you to earn real money.

Aptoide Apk Yogo

There is no login required for watch interesting videos, but for earn rewards, you have to login.the login process of yogo is not complicated, it is very simple to log in on yogo, you can simply login by clicking on the buttons of social accounts like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram.

there is your separate profile of yogo that helps you to connect with payment method.yogo does not share your personal data to third-parties, it keeps your data personal and secure.

Yogo gives you coins for many things that you perform and this quality makes it different from another video app. you can earn coins by watching videos, by refer to a friend  by accepting a friends referral link, by a treasure box in every 4 hours, by daily changes and from other tasks .you can also get vcoins by sharing your own youtube videos. it gives you rewards for sharing the videos and all rewards and earnings are shown at a “reward” tab. You can convert your vcoins into real money and can get by PayPal app that is a secure payment app.

There is an advantage to download yogo from the Aptoide Apk, that is it gives you some coins as a new user reward when you join yogo. the Aptoide Apk store doesn’t require login and signup like google ’s play store that makes Aptoide good, It runs on mobiles and tablets with Android operating system that means you can run yogo on both mobile and tablet securely.

Features of Yogo:

  • Funny, Short Videos (that relaxes the mind of people that is a very important thing in this era).
  • share your own youtube videos (that can make you popular around the world).
  • earn money(earn money by just fun).
  • Get rid off with login signup.
  • Lightweight (can work in weak networks).
  • Less data were taken (saves mobile data).

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