Aptoide Apk for Word Mine 1.3.6 New Version

Aptoide Apk: Word Mine 1.3.6 works like puzzles and any member of all the age group can play this game. This game is freely available so you can download this game at any time and any place. The main feature of this game is it is quite simple and easy to play. There are 200+ levels are there in the game. You will get more updates and more levels in the future. When you will achieve progress then you will get rewards in the game.

Aptoide Apk for Word Wine

Aptoide Apk for Word Mine

The main objective of playing this game to reveal the hidden answer by eliminating some letters from 2, 3 words. If you want to play this game then you have to follow some steps which are as follows-

  • You have to eliminate some letter from the words to reveal the answer.
  • If you want to eliminate some tile then you just need to tap on it.
  • You can swipe some subsequent tiles.
  • There is some tile which you can not eliminate so for this some hints will be given so you have to use these hints.
  • You have to drag and drop some letter to change the positions of the letters to reveal the answer.

You can suggest your friends play this game. There is some difficult task will be given to you means that some difficult spellings will be given to you. This game has the record of levels means if you want to see the highest score then you can see in this game if you see most difficult level then you can check and see that level. Overall the game is quite simple and full of fun.

Aptoide Apk for Word Mine Mod Apk

There is a certain thing in the game like some irritating ads will come at the bottom of the screen but it is not a big issue you can easily ignore it. You have to build a meaningful word from the existing words as soon as possible.  This app is very much helpful for the students just to improve their spells and parents needs to know about their children can learn from this app and Word Mine will help to improve their skills of making spells.

When you will eliminate the letter then each letter has its value points and you have to earn more valuable points. The game will be completed when your screen is completely filled with the letters. In this, the ads will continuously appear but you have to ignore this ad and move forward.

Get Aptoide Apk for Word Mine

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