Aptoide Apk for Weezy SMS

Aptoide Apk: Mobile phones are the biggest invention and with the help of this people are stay connected  and everybody is calling to one anoAptoide Apk for Weezy SMSther  to talk with them and the other thing is how people are using their mobile phones to send SMS to each  other and everyone is busy in sending SMS to  one another no one wants to make a call. So here we are going to give you the details about how Weezy SMS works and sometimes it may happen that when we sent SMS then it will reach the receiver. Weezy SMS is the part of communication by which we can send and receive the message constantly and your miles phones are using only to send and receive the messages.

Aptoide Apk for Weezy SMS

The full form o the SMS is short message service here short refers to the maximum size of the message. One more information that if you are no using your mobile phone for sending and receiving messages then it will always talking to its cell phone tower over a pathway which is called a control channel.  Our phones have a cell in it and it is always sending cells to the towers and maximum time the tower and our cell phone are exchanging some packet of data. Even when someone calls you then tower send some messages to your cell phone that someone is calling you and your phone rings a bell. When someone sends you a message then it message goes to the SMSC then tower after that the tower will send that message on your phone as a little packet of the data.

As similar when you send any message to anyone then it goes to the tower after that the control channel and  SMSC after that it goes to the Receiver. Some attacks may he be caused by the SMS like if a large number of messages is sent by the PC  to the mobile phones in a small geographical area then it the message will overwhelm it will be impossible for the mobile phones to set up the calls. The message will be in the correct format it should be in proper length and it follows the time stamp.

Get Aptoide Apk for Weezy SMS

You can download Weezy SMS  with the help of the Aptoide Apk for Android. it is the alternative of the play store and allows you to download game and apps at free of cost. It is the best services through which you can communicate easily with your friends.


It reaches to the receiver on the proper time. as I have told you the complete. SMS is based on the stored and the forward service means that if you send the message to your friend then it will not directly reach to your friends. It goes to the SMSC and gets stored in the SMSC  the benefit of doing this that it stores on the SMSC  and when your friend will turn on the phone then it goes to your friends

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