Aptoide Apk for Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Aptoide Apk for Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Aptoide Apk: Ultimate Ninja Blazing is the game in which there is a battle system and it has so many characters maybe you know if you have an idea about the story. There are so many battles in the game and all the battles are turn-based. But you can also use you your turn to move around the board and simple attacks called Jutsu.

If it is your turn then drag your character from where you want to go. One thing that you have to keep in your mind is that once you have touched the character then you can go back and no matter where you will go and what you will do. if you are moving in the area of the enemy then you can attack them. For that check properly the area you are moving if you find any symbol of the enemy than be ready to attack that.

Aptoide Apk for Ultimate Ninja Blazing Mod Apk

If you are playing this game then you need to know some tricks that will help you to play this game properly and firstly you need to know about the basics on which the game works. There are so many elements in the game you need to identify each element and how you can interact with another element.  Whatever character you have chosen you to need to be aware of the skills your characters have.  You have to be clear in your mind that what missions are there in the game and how you can achieve it and what skills are required to win this mission.

Your character must be strong. There are some secret techniques that you need to know that will help you to win the game easily. Whenever your character turn up and part of their chakra gauge is filled than at that time they can perform Ninjutsu. To perform Ninjutsu tap on your character and move them in the range.  When you change to Ninjutsu then pop up will generally put your character’s target over here.  Only some of the characters can use his secret technique as it is very powerful you can use this when the chakra gauge colors change. If you want to use this technique then you need to do a double tap on the character portrait.

If you are stronger then your enemy then you have to deal with more damage and take less damage. If you are weaker then your enemy then you have to deal with less damage and take more damage. When you are making your team then there are 2 people in the front row and 3 people in the back row and the 3rd-row slot is reserved for the friends you can select them and they will help you in the battle.

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Aptoide Apk for Ultimate Ninja Blazing 2019

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