Aptoide Apk for Refer and View

Aptoide Apk: Refer and Earn is a platform for watching and sharing short videos for youtubers or for newcomers .it is the best platform to famous around world.by this application you can share your uniqueness or qualities to the world.you can share your youtube’s video to this app, you can also share a new video by paying vcoins.vcoins are coins that you earn in watching videos.you can also earn coins by refer your friend to watch videos.

Aptoide Apk for Refer and View

this application is made like a quality of judgment your daily routine like earnings and doing things e.g., what you watch the most and what type of videos you like and then it shows you the most relevant videos that you wish to watch .you can get many vcoins when people watch your video and you can change your vocins into real money. there are various payment methods by which you can get your money. you can get your earned money directly in your bank account .this app also supports Paytm payment option so it is a very good thing of our app because Paytm is very reliable payment transaction app and all people is familiar with this.

Registration is must, You can simply register on the app by entering your email address, it will send a confirmation link to your email address just click on that link and then do log in.

it is a very useful app to prompt your youtube videos. If your YouTube videos not getting enough views, you can upload that with this app. It helps YouTubers to promote their videos for free .you can simply upload your videos, for upload, your own videos just watch other peoples video and get Vcoins and use those Vcoins to add your video and get views on it .for earning purpose this app is very desirable.

the upload process is very easy .for add your youtube videos on the app go to add a page and then write your YouTube video id ( Video ID is the last 11 characters in the URL of the YouTube video).

You can download it from Apk and from google play store but there is a recommendation to download this app from Aptoide Apk store because Aptoide Apk is an open license based app store that means there is no need to login on the Aptoide app store and all the apps are on Aptoide are trusted verified.

Process  for earn money by this app –

For earn you have to Watch other peoples videos for a limited time and get diamonds in your balance after watching the video.

  1. 2. You can also refer our app using your unique id (shown below in “referring your friend” process), you and your friend both will get 50 bonus and whenever your friend watches a video you get a part of his earning for every video.
    3. When you will be got enough coins you can withdraw your money to your account.

Process for referring your friend on the app-

The referring is simple as compared to other You can refer your friends with few steps –

  1. First, open the “view refer &earn” app and after registration go to your reference page and then share our app with your unique code to your friends.
  2. When your friends install our app tell them to use your referral code at the time of registration.
  3. After successful registration, you and your friend will get 50 bonus and 50 vcoins in your balance.
  4. The more friends you refer the more you earn.

Features of this app –

  1. Earn real money by watching videos(good feature for earning money by describing your uniqueness).
  2. Refer your friends & Earn bonus.
  3. Promote your YouTube videos(that can make you famous around the world).
  4. Daily Bonus (get a daily bonus by just using the app more and more).
  5. Paytm transaction support.
  6. Many payment options.
  7. Simple login(no need to create a new account just log in with your email address).

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