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Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Quest

Aptoide Apk: In the Pokemon Quest, you have to build a cube of the Pokemon in which adorable Pokemon are there and from these Pokemon, you have to create Tumblecube Island.  And these Island is completely filled with so many diverse stages there are three stages in which you have to fight the battles and in each stage, you will earn ingredients and power stones. When you will win the stages then your camp to empower your Pokemon and you can attract the new Pokemon by cooking. You have to repeat this process so that you can earn special prizes and can derive the path for some areas. Pokemon Quest is freely available for the users and iPhone & IPad users also can download this game and it is freely available.

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Quest Mod Apk

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Quest

If you want to initiate your journey then you have to choose your Pokemon partner first like Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu. Your choice will put a powerful impact on the adventure so choose your partner wisely. It is not like with the other Pokemon games in which a lot of damage occurs but in the Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Quest, there is not a lot of damage will cause to your Pokemon. Suppose your team will win and if you attract more Pokemon in your team then your team will get bonus points and the strength of your team will increase. In the other Pokemon games you have to throw the balls to throw the Pokemon but there is no any system of the catching the Pokemon you have to attract the Pokemon in your team means that you have to add more Pokemon in your team and you can do this by cooking. You can start cooking by tapping on the pot which is located at the center of your camp. Your cooking will decide which type of Pokemon will attract so cook wisely so that you can get the Pokemon according to your choice. One thing that you have to keep in your mind is sure that your pot will not be empty if it is empty then fill it with some ingredients. When you will create any recipe then the game will record ingredients and description for the Recipe so that in future if you want to create it again then you can easily create. Most of the recipes are made to attract some specific color and type of the Pokemon to be very aware of the ingredients that you choose to make recipe. Like you want to add  Pikachu in your team then you have to add yellow ingredients and some soft ingredients in your dish and you can attract your favorite one.

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