Aptoide Apk for Pokemon PlayHouse Game

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Playhouse

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Playhouse

Aptoide Apk: Pokemon PlayHouse is the game which has been launched by Pokemon company and it is compatible with every device  Android, iOS, Kindle Fire. This game is completely voiced and so there is not any need of the reading skills. There are so many terms are used in the Pokemon PlayHouse and you have to know these terms if you want to play the game in pokemon Playhouse. So I am going to tell you about the various terms that are used while you are playing the game which is as follows-

  • Blurb– In the Pokemon Playhouse the child that will play the game will interact with so many Pokemon when  they will change their location and location also include  tower lounge  and    When you will visit  location in the Pokemon Playhouse game then  it includes so many activities through which the younger player  can take care of the Pokemon  in so many activities like  there is pokemon grooming activity in which  the  main task for you is to take care of the Pokemon. There is star activity in which you have to identify the Pokemon in the night sky.   There are so many Pokemon Play stories in which your child can watch the unique look of the Pokemon so that it will help you to identify the New look of the Pokemon in Pokemon Playhouse.

At the begging of the Aptoide Apk for Pokemon PlayHouse, your child will be given a Pokemon egg and when your child will explore the Pokemon PlayHouse and complete the activities then that egg will hatch and reveal new Pokemon. It is specially designed for the Children between the age group of 3 to 5  that’s why the reading and math skills are not required. A Human character is there who will host your child so that your child can enjoy every activity and all the levels.  You can download this game at free of cost it is not in app purchase.

Game Play– There is a human character will explain all the activities. The game starts with the six Pokemon befriended and when the egg will hatch then befriended pokemon will come. The Egg will hatch when the player will complete five activities.

PlayGround– In the playground activity there are six pokemon and you have to place these six pokemon in the equipment which is at the ground and remember that only smaller Pokemon can be put into the equipment.

PlayRoom– The playroom has three activities like reading stories, completing puzzles, and playing flashlight tag. There are three stories and you have to choose one among them. And you have to read stories with the highlighted words.

Lounge– Lounge is the place where you can feed the Pokemon and groom them.

Get Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Playhouse

This all the related activities that you have to deal with and your child will enjoy this game and another thing is that you can download it from the platform where you can get the apps and games at free of cost. It is the place where you can download all the games and apps safely. Aptoide Apk is the best platform for Downloading Pokemon Playhouse game for Android and iOS device.

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