Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump 2019

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump

Aptoide Apk: Pokemon has launched another interesting game which is called as Magikarp and its name says it is all about Magikarp.  Here I am going to tell you about everything that you should know about the game.

Here the unique name is Magikarp jump and it means catching, training, competing. Here there is one point that you need to remember we don’t say battling. The competition is all about how high you can get your Pokemon Magikarp jump. The aim of this game is to look after your Karp means that catch it feeds it train it after that compete with it unless it retires it and after that start with the same process again.

The competition is simple it doesn’t include any skill all you have to do just press the button so that your Magikarp can jump and make sure that your Magikarp jumps higher than your competitor.  If you jump higher than you will win and you will get a ladder and you can collect a bonus point.

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump Mod Apk

There are two things about your Magikarp first is jump power and another one is character level and it will define the size of your Pokemon and size will grow as your Pokemon will eat more.

Every Magikarp has a particular level and jumps power. When your Magikarp will grow there are so many things will happen like any patterning will become clearer. There are so many patters of the Pokemon. If the growth of your pokemon will happen then you will reward with the diamonds and coins. And you can spend that thing to buy some more items from the town you can buy friendship items and you can also buy decoration items.

In this game, jump power will play an important role so that you have to make sure your pokemon will jump higher than the opponent pokemon.  You can increase the jump power of your Pokemon by feeding them with the berries that you will appear in the pond. The game is completely free so there is no cost of jumping power. And you can play Magikarp jump without spending money on it.  You can also earn money in the game like you can earn diamonds and coins.  You can spend them to buy some bonus.  There is an exchange option is there in which you can trade something means that you can give something and in return of that you can take something.  If you don’t want to spend your cash just play and rewards will come.

Get Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Magikarp Jump

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