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Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Duel

Aptoide Apk: Pokemon Duel is the strategy game and the main idea of the game and the basic is totally depends on the Pokemon Battle. But there is something different in the Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Duel and in this game, Pokemon are actually represented by the figures instead of the actual monsters.  The main goal of playing the match is to reach the lit opponent which is at the end of the board. Every figure has some more points and that points inform us about how much space each turn will take. When you will tap on the figure then you will get an idea that How much MP  it takes. The battle between the Pokemon starts when two Pokemon cross paths on the field then the battle between them is started and they are entered in the battle.

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Duel Mod Apk

Aptoide Apk for Pokemon Duel

The moves that are used by the Pokemon’s can be determined by random spin. In the battle, if one Pokemon will be injured then that Pokemon’s will be sent to the Pokemon center. There is a condition of the Pokemon center that only two Pokemon can stay in the center at the same time. the injured Pokemon will revive and after revived you can’t use the Pokemon for one turn. In the battlefield, there is one more thing that you can use which is called as cards you can also say its plates. That plate has limited buffs that can be recharged after use and benefit that you will get this card is that the ability to switch positions or another thing that they will provide you is the power increase. You have to select the Six Pokemon for your team to play in the Pokemon Duel so you have to choose your Pokemon wisely as we know that each pokemon has its different ability so you have to plan some strategy that will help you out to win the battle. In battle, you have to send your Pokemon to move in the different routes to reach the destination. If your Pokemon is moving towards the routes and some other Pokemon will meet in the route then you have to engage the battle with them. You can get an idea of the battle or the attack by the Pokemon data disk. When you will spin the disk then you can see that attack has been made on your Pokemon. In the Pokemon Duel, they have provided you so many powers to increase the level of the battle and enhance the performance of the Pokemon so that you can raise the level of the game.

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Well, I have explained all the details about the Pokemon Duel but the thing is that you have to download it from the reliable website or platform that provides you services by which you can download apps and games at free of cost. So, Aptoide Apk is the best place where you go and try to download Pokemon Duel Game. You can download it from free of cost and it is easy to use.

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