Aptoide Apk for Minesweeper King

Aptoide Apk: Enjoy Minesweeper king, a game of strategy and concentration. Minesweeper king is a puzzle game. It is the next evolution of Minesweeper with amazing graphics and ease of use. Have a blast for hours with this mind-bending puzzler. Minesweeper King has its origins in the earliest mainframe games. Minesweeper is a logic game where mines are hidden in a grid of squares. In this puzzle game, you have to open all safe squares in the quickest time possible.

Aptoide Apk for Minesweeper King

you can play it both single and multiplayer.on the multiplayer mode you can compete with gamers. Minesweeper King is like reasoning, it tests your memory. If you like to used to play minesweeper in school days then you will love this game.

Download Minesweeper King through Aptoide Apk.

You can exercise your strategic and logical thinking while having fun along the way. Minesweeper King is based on a minesweeper strategy that is the art of solving games. This is a very easy game for everyone and gets difficult by next stages.you can also play it as a stage by stage and on master level.

Minesweeper King gives you an easy tutorial for how to play. In the game, there is an option to send an invitation to your friend on any social media. Here see your achievements that what you have performed and what you have achieved. there is a leaderboard that shows your performance around the world and also shows the top gamers of the Minesweeper king.

Minesweeper King is available on Aptoide App Store(An open source app store). Easily get minesweeper king, it is listed in games and puzzle categories on Aptoide Apk.

The beauty of Minesweeper King is that it can almost always be solved through logical reasoning. So train your strategic and logical thinking while having fun by playing Minesweeper today. Very simple yet addictive, it will challenge your brain and memory skills. One wrong move will detonate the entire board. Do you have what it takes to clear the minefield without hitting a mine, Then download our game Minesweeper King for Free today.

Features for Minesweeper King:

– Play on your Mobile or on Tablet.
– play single or multiplayer around the world. Master mode has hardcore Stage offers
– share invitation and play with your friends.
– Easy stage modes have 1000 levels
– Master Mode(for hard gamers)
– Hints items daily attendance compensation
– it improves your mind power
– leaderboards, achievements support
– No internet required for single player
– No wifi or Bluetooth required                                                                                                                          -Easy tutorial.

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