Aptoide Apk for Microsoft One Drive App 2019

Microsoft One Drive is the service which is provided by Microsoft so that you can connect with all your files. It is the big cloud storage that allows you to store all your files, you can protect it and keep it here with the safety, also allows you to share it with anyone, you can take this files anywhere with you as it you can store in the cloud in your mobile device.  when you are accessing one drive with an account that is provided by the school or office then it is known as one drive for Business.

Aptoide Apk for Microsoft One Drive App

Aptoide Apk for Microsoft One Drive App

If you are continuously using this one drive means 365 days then you get 1 TB storage space by the cloud, the storage space depends on your plan and the requirement that how much data you have to store on the cloud. If your one drive for the business library is hosted on a share point server then the administration of your organization can easily figure out how much storage space is available. All the files or the data that you have stored on one drive is private until you decide it to share with anyone. The app also allows you to share these files and folders with your colleagues so you can coordinate with them on any project.

If you are using office 365 then it also allows you to share this files and folder with one who is outside the organization but to whom you have to share the files it depends on your company policies. There are various features of the app but the one that is recently launched by the Microsoft is folder protection feature for one drive. The folder protection feature will allow you to synchronize your documents, pictures, desktop folders to one drive. So that you can take the backup of your important folders.

When they have introduced this feature then it is only for the Business users but now that feature is available for all the users. The feature provides you access to move the contents easily into one drive and the user can access all the files and folders.

Features of Microsoft One Drive

There are various features of the Microsoft one drive which are as follows-

  • You save important notebooks to your drive.
  • If you stored any official document on the drive then suddenly you have to make some changes in it then you can do it online.
  • The app also allows you to upload multimedia from your mobile devices.
  • In the one drive app, you can also create folders and you can share it  with
  • It supports all the file formats you can upload all the files of any type.
  • In this app, there is no need to worry about the data loss as the app has the feature of data loss prevention which keeps your data protected and secure.
  • The accessing of the file is completely secure.

Aptoide Apk for Microsoft One Drive

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