Aptoide Apk for Lego Star Wars

Aptoide Apk for Lego Star Wars

Aptoide Apk for Lego Star Wars

Aptoide Apk: Lego Star Wars is the game in which there is a war between the stars. There are various methods to play this game like you can play it in story mode or you can play it for points or you can play it to collect white minikits or you can also play it to collect the red power bricks. In this post, I am going to tell about the steps that how you can play it in various modes so just follow the steps-

  • You can play it through the story mode-
  • In this mode, there is a sequence of rooms and some rooms have puzzles and you need to work out on those puzzles so that you can enter in the next room. Well there are some details are available on the internet and you can get the complete idea that how you can solve the particular obstacle and how you can cross a particular level in the game. When you will pass a particular level or enter in the next room then you will be rewarded as one gold brick. When you will unlock free play for a particular chapter then you will be able to unlock the character features in that chapter. Some of the characters will available to you and some of the characters will available to purchase in the cantina.
  • Play on points mode-

You can earn the points in the form of lego studs if you will achieve silver stud then you will get 10 points and if you will get a gold stud then you will earn 100 points and blue stud for 1000 points. And you will get the studs when you will destroy some piece of scenery. Each chapter of this game has a set of points and you have to obtain that points in order to achieve the status of true Jedi.  You will be awarded the gold brick when you will complete the mission. Here we are going to show you the complete for the idea about the points that how many points you have to achieve for a particular stage-

  1. Take sufficient time to destroy everything around you.
  2. You have to stay alive. When your characters die. You can recover your health by collect red heart charm. You can also decrease the effect of your death by turning off adaptive difficulty.
  • Collect the minikits-

Each chapter has 10 mini kits and when you will collect all the 10 minikits then you can build the kits outside cantina and you can earn gold brick. There are total 360 mini kits are available in the game and if you will earn all the 360 mini kits then you can earn 36 gold brick.

  • Collect gold brick-

There are total 160  gold bricks are available in the game and 36 gold brick you can achieve when you will complete story mode, and there are many more you will get this when you will complete stages.

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