Aptoide Apk for JioHealth App 2019

Aptoide Apk for JioHealth App

Aptoide Apk for JioHealth App

It is the online system which allows you to work as a healthcare provider to provide the health care services you can give the services such as diagnosis, prescription, consultation to access all these facilities you can enter in the Jio Health club system. It is the IT technology service provider that will not provide health care services.

Features of JioHealth App

The features of the app are as follows-

  • Great Interface– One of the finest features of the app is clean and simple interface and it is very easy for the users to use it. You can use this app without any hassles.
  • 24 by 7 access– All the details that you will enter on the app is on the cloud so you can access it from anywhere by just entering your username or password you have to remember your login credentials.
  • Secure and safe to use– The user has the right to control the medical data and you can share with whom you want to share. Your medical data is private your contact is also your personal information so no one can access it without your permission.
  • Get the lab reports on the app– you can get your lab reports in your app so that you can consult your doctor immediately without any delay. All the information related to your report will be saved in a particular folder so that you can find it easily in the future.
  • Create your own profile– You can create your own profile by entering your name gender contact number height weight and you can also mention your allergies and generic disorders if you have any.
  • View your health charts– In the app, you can also your health and fitness chart that helps you to maintain your health. Another feature is that you can easily view your Xray, MRI, CT scans and you can get proper medical treatment.

 How to use JioHealth App?

The app is very simple to use so that everything is divided into 8 tiles namely- My health data, Shared with me,  health charts, offers, Medical history,  shared by me, sync account, my accounts. When you have downloaded this app then firstly you have to create your medical profile by entering the necessary information in it. After that press the back button so that come to the home screen of the app. You can also upload your medical images consultation and then you can click on My health data. You can enter it and after that, you can upload the files. If you want to create your health charts then for this you need to enter your necessary information. If you want to check the reports if someone has sent you then you can check it on shared with me.

Get Aptoide Apk for JioHealth App

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