Aptoide Apk for JioCloud App 2019

Jio Cloud works as a cloud storage app on which you can store your Selfies, Photos, Videos, Assignments and any important file or work. You can store any file of any type and size. You can access these stored files using data storage app from any smartphone, computer or even from your TV or setup box.

Aptoide Apk for JioCloud App

Aptoide Apk for JioCloud App

In this app, you also get online storage but only if you will make promotion mention on the page. You will get extra cloud storage if you will do the promotions.

Features of JioCloud App

There are various features of the app which are as follows-

  • Easy Separation– On the cloud, you can store anything like photos videos any document. For this, you can also make different categories so that whenever you want to use you can use it category wise.
  • Interactive de-dupe– With this feature, you can find the duplicate contacts in your address book and can take only those which is needed for you.
  • Offline Access– If you have uploaded any file on the cloud then you can mark the file and you can watch it or access without any internet connection.
  • Instant functions– if you want to play any video then you just have to click on it and it will play without downloading in your device. If you want to listen to music then you just need to play it without downloading it.
  • Restore data– you can restore your data. Suppose you have some data on your old phone then you can take this on your  JIO cloud storage after that you can take this in your new phone.
  • Backup settings– in which you can switch the network between Wi-Fi and mobile and after that choose the backup file type.

There is some frequently asked question by the users who can access JIO Cloud. For this, I want to give an answer that if you have active JIO account then you are eligible to subscribe it. Jio Cloud offers you a wide range of ways through which you can access your contents like from mobile phone, Computer, web browser.

How to use Jio Cloud?

If you already have made JIO account then you don’t need to create a separate account for it. The login credentials that you have used in MY JIO account can be used here. To use this app you need to follow some basic steps-

  • Download Jio Cloud from Aptoide Apk for this you need to allow installation from Unknown resources. Open the Aptoide Apk and search for the JIO Cloud app.
  • If you have downloaded it then open the JIO Cloud.
  • Enter your JIO ID and password.
  • When you have logged in then you can open the app and upload the files of any type to JIO Cloud and can access it any time.

You can download JIO Cloud from Aptoide Apk which is the best place to download the application at free of cost.

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