Aptoide Apk for Hungry Shark

Aptoide ApkHungry shark is the game which is played by some users in today’s world and they are very addicted of this game and if you want to play this I will tell you in this post what is the basic idea of this game and how we can earn more points in this game. The main focus of this game to eat as much as fish that you can.  If you will not eat more fish or you stop to eat the fishes then your health level will go down and after some time you will die. Hungry Shark is the first priority that you have to eat more and you have to eat a number of fishes. If in the game you found you found Fish school or group of fishes then eat all of them or try to eat more fishes.

Aptoide Apk for Hungry Shark

When you will number of fishes then you will get more points and score multiplexer is activated and it will count your points.  Suppose if you will eat more in a row then you will get more scores and if you eat all the fishes then you will get an extra bonus point to your score. When you are moving in the game then you will see a lot of sea creature and you will see a gold human so no need to leave it just tries to eat them because it will give you more points. There is a rush bar at the bottom of your screen and you have to fill it with your scores so you have to try to earn more scores. When you will eat gold creatures in the game then you will get gold scores.

Get Aptoide Apk for Hungry Shark

Well, the game very interesting so just try to play it when you have time to play and you can download this game with the Aptoide Apk. As the Aptoide Apk is the best place to download the games and app in your device. it is the alternative of the Google play store and allows you to download the apps at free of cost.


To earn gold scores then you have to eat floating objects like green jar or cash that are floating in the water. When your Gold rush meter is filled then press the activate button. Your all creatures will turn into gold. Increase your survival time so that you can move in the game. If you want to increase the survival time then it is not enough to eat more but to have to beware with y our enemies. If you will try to eat that creature which is too big for you then the game will generate alarm so you have to take care of your enemies and try to maintain distance from them.

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