Aptoide Apk for Google Duo Apk

Aptoide Apk: Google has launched video calling app by which you can make video call and voice call. The name of the app is Duo. You can use this app at free of cost and it allows you to make one to one video call and voice call. You can call your friends and relatives with the help of mobile number means that you can go into the contact list of your mobile phone and check who are using this app. It is completely secure and safe to use. The app is quite easy and simple to use another thing is the interface is very simple and impressive so that you love to use it. Google Duo was launched in 2016 and it is the “Simple Video calling” app and it helps you to connect with the people and you can see their faces who are living very far from you but they are very close to your heart.

Aptoide Apk for Google Duo Apk

It is available for Android and IOS devices. If you want to use this app then I am going to tell you about the features and procedure by which you can use this app. For this, you have to download this app in your Android or IOS device and when you will open this app then you have to allow and agree to all the terms and policies of the Google. So that the app will able to access your mobile location and your camera.  If you have done with these settings then Google will ask your number and send  OTP  via text. You have to enter this OTP on your mobile phone.  It is for the security purpose and they are verifying your mobile number. You have to verify your mobile phone because your contacts will use this number to call you it is similar to using WhatsApp.

After that it will take you to the new page which is divided into the two parts in the first part means that in the top it will show what your cameras see and in the other part means in the bottom it will provide you large video calling button. When you will access to your friends then it will ask you to give access to your friends.

Get Aptoide Apk for Google Duo Apk

So it is the best app to connect with your friends and families and you can install this App through Aptoide Apk. Aptoide Apk is the best place to download the games and apps at free of cost. you can install Google Duo with Aptoide APK. Click here for Downloading Aptoide Apk for Google Duo Apk on your device.


If you want to make a video call to your friend and a relative then tap the videos button on the screen. Then the contact will appear and you can search your friends by their name or number. You can invite your friends to use Duo Apk. Once your friends have installed this app then you can search them in your contacts when you will find their name just tap on the videos calling button when the first time you will make a call then Google will tell you to smile! Knock Knock is on. Google informs you via a notification that when you make a call then your friends will able to see you. So don’t assume that your friends will not see you when you ringing them.

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