Aptoide Apk for Google Camera 2019

Google camera uses the API and gives you a better performance to give quality pictures. If you want to install Google camera in your device then there are some needs that you have to follow like your device must have Camera2API. Check in your device that it has Camera2API or not and if your device does not have it download it in your device.

Aptoide Apk for Google Camera Apk

Aptoide Apk for Google Camera

when you will open it, it asks for permission if you have Camera2API enabled then it will show you checkmark in green in the hardware support level.  If your device doesn’t have Camera2API then root your device there is a different method of rooting to root different devices.

How to install Google Camera?

Firstly you have to download Google camera APK when the APK has been downloaded then go for the installation. Wait for some time to finish the installation and tap on the done button. You can try to download it from Aptoide APK which is the place from where you can download all the apps and games at free of cost.

So first, try to download Aptoide Apk in your device for this you need to go into the settings and in security allow the installation from the unknown resources. When you have downloaded Aptoide Apk then open it and go into the search barf the app and search for the Google camera it will give you the results and select the one among them and download it after that install it.

Features of Google Camera

The features of the Google Camera are as follows-

HDR+–  in this mode you can take multiple shots at the same time.  it allows the camera to show the results very accurately and shows the highlights and shadows. It shows perfect light in your pictures.

Night Sight–  it is the magical feature of the Google Camera which allows you to take pictures in the dark and it will put more focus on the object. It uses certain kinds of algorithms to put more focus on the shadows and highlights.

Super Res Zoom–  in that mode you can multiple shots at various angles. You don’t need to move to different places to take the shots from different angles you can easily take it from the same place.

Portrait Mode–  in the portrait mode they will show you the object clearly and the background of the image will be blurred completely so that they will put more impact on the image. It can simply measure the background and foreground with the object. As it has a better focus on the image as it has two viewpoints.

Top Shot–  It will take  90 images before and after the tap shutter key and all of them are high-resolution pictures.

Get Aptoide Apk for Google Camera Apk

You can easily download this if you are a big lover of the taking pictures and gives you perfect picture quality. You can try to download it from Aptoide Apk which is the best place that allows you to download all the apps at free of cost.

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