Aptoide Apk for GBWhatsApp

Aptoide Apk: GBWhatsApp is the most modifies version of the Whatsapp which is available on the internet and I must say that it is the best version of the Whatsapp. It is very much more than the Whatsapp and there are so many users are using this to get the services more than the Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp means modifies version of the Whatsapp and it means a group of people has made some changes in the apk file of the WhatsApp.

Aptoide Apk for GBWhatsApp

So that you can do the things that are restricted in the Whatsapp. There are so many things that are restricted in the WhatsApp like-

  • Sharing longer videos- in the Whatsapp, you can only share videos of 16 MB or less. So in the modifies version of the GB WhatsApp you can expand the limit of the video and you can set the video limit so that you can send videos of more than 16 MB and or much larger size. Well, it is the best feature of the  GB WhatsApp that are being liked by the so many users.
  • Hidden activity- In the WhatsApp, you can hide the last seen and read receipts by turning off. But you can also turn off typing message indicator and another thing is that you can show your last seen certain times whenever you want so this is also a great feature.
  • Personalize WhatsApp- The Whatsapp only allows you to change the wallpaper in the chat and you can set some customize notification but the GB Whatsapp has taken this personalization to the next level. You can set the things from the WhatsApp icons to the fonts how your chat will appear.so if you want to change the look your Whatsapp then you should try it and it is very interesting features for those who are very much concern about the looks of the WhatsApp.
  • Run two WhatsApp on one Smartphone- GB Whatsapp allows you to use two Whatsapp on single smart And the thing is that you can it because you have installed the GB Whatsapp and it will install in your device as another Whatsapp and you have already installed the Whatsapp. So on the official Whatsapp, you can use another number and it will help you to use two different WhatsApp in the same number.

Get Aptoide Apk for GBWhatsApp

Well, I have told you about the different features of the GB WhatsApp and you can use it. It will provide you with so many advanced features that you will enjoy. You can install GB Whatsapp with the help of Aptoide and Aptoide is the platform to install GB Whatsapp in your smartphone. Aptoide works exactly in the same manner as the Google play store and it will not charge anything from the user to download the apps.  You must have to download GB WhatsApp with the Aptoide Apk so that you will get an idea about the features of GB Whatsapp as well as Aptoide.

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