Aptoide Apk for Game of Shame App 2019

There are some apps that run in the background of your screen and that the ask of that app is to figure out the games that you have played but you had not performed very well in that game. So Game of the shame is the app that keeps records of the game that you have played and not scores very well.

Aptoide Apk for Game of Shame App

Aptoide Apk for Game of Shame

Also keeps the track of the chat what you have done with your friends about the games in which you are talking about the games in which you have not scored good points. G force is the kind of game that most of the people have played Game of Shame but has not to score very good points. I am going to show you the list of game in which the user has not scored very good points-

  • Blacksite: area 51
  • Mummy: Tomb of the dragon emperor
  • Doritos- Dash of destruction
  • Spider: man 3
  • Bionicle Heroes
  • Iron man
  • Spider-man: friend or foe
  • Cars
  • Lego batsman
  • Mirror’s edge
  • X-blades
  • TMNT
  • Dragon Age the origin
  • Bullet Witch
  • Family game night
  • King Kong
  • Lord of the rings: the battle for middle earth 2
  • Rumble Roses XX

These are the list of the game that is been tracked by the app that some of the users has not scored very well points in it.

How to download this game?

If you want to download this game from Aptoide Apk then Aptoide is the alternative of Google play store and before downloading this game you have to do some settings in your mobile phone like you have to go into the settings and security and allow the installation from unknown resources. When you have downloaded Aptoide Apk then open the app then go into the search bar of the app and type game of shame and hit the enter button.

You will see results so click on the correct one and click on the downloading button after that it will start downloading, wait for some time to complete downloading and install the app. It will take a few minutes and when installation becomes completed then open the app and it will start working. It is all about the app that needs to know how you can download it in your device and what task is performed by it.


It is completely safe and secure to use as it keeps the tracks of the games but it doesn’t mean that it is hacking your credential information. You can try this app to download the app and game. There are various Alternatives of the Google Play Store are available but among all of them, the Aptoide is the best. As it has a huge collection of games and apps,  the platform is completely free from Irritating ads that annoy the users most of the time. Hope you get all the details of the game.

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