Aptoide Apk for ES App Locker 2019

Most o the time it may happen that we have given our mobile phone to someone and we gave them then they are started using all the apps that are available on our mobile phone. Suppose you have given your mobile to your friend but you don’t want that we can use all the apps so there is an app that provides you the security to your mobile phone and you can do this with the help of ES App Locker. ES App Locker is one of the most popular, this is on is the third party app which gives various facilities to Android users.

Aptoide Apk for ES App Locker

Aptoide Apk for ES App Locker

It is the most lightweight app that works as a locker for the user. It works as a security app and you can download this at free of cost. It is the app that is developed by ES  App group. ES App locker is the app that provides security to the users as it is the most powerful app. It is the security app and you can select any one of the apps to lock your apps in the mobile phone by making password or patterns.  It developers of the app have designed it in such a manner that you can block the access of particular app by putting the pattern on the screen.

Once you have done with the settings after that you can lock and unlock anything, including system apps or the custom apps. After that, you can easily give your phones to someone if they needed. Well, the app will provide you very basic protection to your apps. If you have given your phone to your friends but you have put the lock into the app then, in that case, they can see the notification too. Maybe they can check confidential details, if you are not with them they can check your personal details and close the apps.

Aptoide Apk for ES App Locker Mod Apk

There is various ES App locker such as Amazon Kindle, Amazon shopping, Antivirus, App of the day, Appstore, Browser, Calculator. If you want to change the pattern lock of any app or relock some app then you can do it by going into the setting and when the screen is turned off. So that no one can notice your pattern lock.  You can prevent your mobile phone from the nosy people.  If you are running this app in your mobile phone for the first time then firstly you will see a list of mobile phones on your screen, among the apps select the app that you want to protect and on which you want to put the lock.

Then at the bottom of the app, you will see lock button touch it you will be able to set up the unlock pattern or the security app. There are some question and answer that you need to configure so that it will help you if you will forget the password or pattern. After this process, if anyone wants to open ES locker app or any of it protected app then you need to provide correct password for it.

Get Aptoide Apk for ES App Locker

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