Aptoide Apk for Criminal Case

Aptoide Apk for Criminal Case

Aptoide Apk: In this game, you are the criminal investigator. As a member of the city police department, you have to solve the puzzling murder case throughout the cities. The task of the gamer is to find hidden objects. The name of the city is Grimsborough.  In that city there are so many districts are there and you have to solve all the cases of this city another thing is that there are a total of 56 cases in the six districts. When you will solve all the 56 cases in the cities then they will assign you some more cases for other 10 cities and there are 50 cases in the other cities.  Here I am going to tell you something about the steps that how you can play Criminal Case game and what is the steps to go forward in this game-

Step 1: The very first step is that you have to search hidden clues means that you have to unravel the mystery of the murder and you have to find the mystery of the evidence and you have to catch murderers.

Step 2: When you will find the objects then you will be able to find the clues against the murderers. So when you will get it just click on it so that you will gain some evidence.

Step 3: If you will do your task earlier then you will get the rewards. For this, you have to collect all the evidence as soon as possible.

When you will search for crime investigators scenes then they will provide you some stars for motivation so that you will start to do work with more efforts and can catch the murderers fastly. When you will complete certain steps in the game then the Criminal Case game gives you extra privileges that you can change your identity and so that no one can identify you and get the benefit of finding the clues without any obstacles.  One more thing is that you can take the help of the dog in finding the clue and you can choose the dog according to your choice.  Keep thing in mind that the clues will be in the puzzles form means that the clues will be scrambled and you have to search in the different places and location. Well, it is a very interesting game and you can try to play at your home if your mind is so much similar to the investigator.

Get Aptoide Apk for Criminal Case

You can try to download this game from the platform which will not cost more charges from you for this game so Aptoide Apk is the best place to download this game. It is reliable and secure to use another thing is that it is the alternative of the Google play store that allows downloading any game at any time.  Hope you will get all the details and description of the game. If you find any difficulty then you can ask us and try to download this game with the Aptoide APK.

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