Aptoide Apk for Clean Road New Game 2019

Clean Road is the game which is best for you to kill the time if you don’t have anything to do. it is like a challenging concept in which you have to clear the path for the trapped citizens by using large snowplow. In this game, lots of obstacles will come but you need to avoid that obstacle. Hindrance such as icicle of doom and the rolling diamonds balls.

Aptoide Apk for Clean Road

Aptoide Apk for Clean Road

There are some tricks through which you can play very well this game. Which are as follows-

  1. ZigZag Plow– You can use this trick to clear out the path quickly. Zigzag is along the streets so you can keep moving to clear the paths. You can clear driveways. This will help you to clear the driveways.
  2. Try to move Continuously– In the clear road try to move continuously to avoid the crash like a car accident. This will happen if your snow plow is stuck in huge hindrance. To avoid this kind of problems you need to move continuously in the path.
  3. Observe the things CarefullyClean Road consists of two types of obstacles first one is static and another one is dynamic.  Both can destroy your mission so observe the surrounding very well so that you can take some of the measures. To avoid this you can frequently change the directions and can move towards the small objects.

Information of Aptoide Apk for Clean Road

If we talk about the privacy and policy of the game then this app will take some of the information of the users when a lot of users download it. The information that is taken by the app are as follows-

  • They will get the idea like which device you have used and what features of the app you are using and the IP address of your system.
  • They will know about the device information like what software and hardware you are using. Which tokens are there in your system.
  • Consumption of the app like for how much time you have used the app. And which purchases you make in the app.

How to download Clean road from Aptoide Apk?

  • Firstly you have to Download Aptoide Apk in your device for this you need to allow unknown resources from the settings.
  • When you have download the app just open it.
  • In the search bar of the app type the clean road
  • They will show you some results and click on the desired one.
  • After that tap on the download button.
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete downloading.

Get Aptoide Apk through Clean Road

Aptoide Apk is the place which is an alternative to the Google Play Store and allows you to download all the games and apps at free of cost. Aptoide Apk does not follow the policy of the play store that’s why it is not available on the Google Play Store.

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