Aptoide Apk for Binders Database

Aptoide Apk: Organize anything you can imagine with a modern database. Binders Database is a complex but easy-to-use and customizable solution for database management developed by Generic. Binders let you and your team manage any information easily and effectively. Unlike other database management tools, Binders Database provides powerful functionality packed into a simple user interface that makes it useful both for experienced users and the ones who solve casual problems.

Aptoide Apk for Binders Database

Binders Database is compatible with all devices like Android, Windows, OS X and Linux with JavaFX or OpenJFX and also supports many file types like CSV, XML, GPX, PDF.

Binders’ online catalog of user templates contains thousands of predefined, ready-to-use libraries to use directly or serve as a starting place. It also gives users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a large number of ways to use Binders to provide solutions.

Binders database is an innovative solution to manage your database, it is more efficient than an old database. With the help of this app, you can choose how to display, calculate, validate your data. You can easily create your forms and link them.

All users benefit from each improvement. A dedicated support engineer responds within the day. Example binders World atlas, Small shop, School, List of notes, Customer relations CRM, Fuel consumption, Races results, Travel packing checklist, Inventory, Bank accounts, Price comparisons, Equity funds, Medicines, Family tree, Payroll management, Computer troubleshooting, Passwords, Books, Magazines, Post stamps, Recordings, Recipes, Movies etc.

It has predefined fields that are – Web address, Number, Password, Email, Percentage, Price, Text, Date, Incremental counter, Duration, Linked forms, File path, GPS position, Picture, Checkbox, Description, Phone.

File path example functions, Constant value, Field from the current form, Field from a previous form, Field from all forms, Alternative value, Condition, Number of forms, Number of all forms, Rounded value, Minutes between two dates, Days between two dates, Months between two dates, Years between two dates, Days of a duration, Hours of a duration , Latitude, Longitude, Distance between two GPS positions, Text length, Case constant value, Form identification code, Random number, Power, Pi, Sine, Cosine, Exponential, Logarithm, Opposite number, Inverse number, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Minimum, Maximum, Average, Increase, Decrease, Difference, Number, Date, ISO date, Spelled number, Text part, Concatenation , ,Multilingual text , System variable.

Users who can use this database and their uses-

  • A ‘single-library user’- who just wants to throw up a grocery list, collections or recipe repository.
  • The ‘intermediate user’- who might want to have some related libraries tracking some activities.
  • The ‘power user’ -who might be pushing the boundaries in certain areas, like scripting, complex data structure, retail or barcode solutions, media solutions, inventory, product catalogs, charting, or others.
  • The ‘organizational / business user’- who might need teamwork collaboration, cross-platform compatibility, cloud storage & coordination, offline data collection, and others.

Advantages to using this App-

-There is no need to take a subscription.
-does not contain ads.
-Explains to you how to manage your data without a license.
-contains all features as on ordinary database.
-Can you as a private collection or business management.

Get Aptoide Apk for Binders Database

Download Binders Database for free from Aptoide App Store, a free and open source app store that provides you the real app for free.


  • Database – a general term for an organized set of data, gathered and organized for a purpose, generally comprising multiple libraries.
  • Library – a container for entries (records, rows) of fielded data, an equivalent of a spreadsheet.
  • Field – a data structure for a single piece of data, an equivalent of a spreadsheet column.

The latest version of this app is 3.581 with these new features-

1.Enhanced forms comparison.

2.Multiple selections for possibility fields.

3.Forms from file paths updating.

4.Additional field conversions.

5.GPS functions, hidden field by calculation.

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