Aptoide Apk for Bangla Calendar

Aptoide Apk: Bangla Calendar is a simple Bengali Calendar Panjika for all years. Now keep track of all the festivals. It is also the universal calendar of Bangladesh. The New Year falls on 14 April or 15 April in the Western calendar. The current Bengali year is 1425. The Bengali year is 594 less than the AD or CE year in the Western calendar if it is before Baisakh, or 593 less if after Baisakh. Have no access to connect to Wi-Fi.

Aptoide Apk for Bangla Calendar

Aptoide Apk Bangla Calendar is just like the traditional Bengali Calendar. Only thing, it runs in android device and you can keep it in your pocket, It keeps you updated about the important days in Bangla and the Bengali Date.

if you have seen different Bengali Date for the same Gregorian Date in different newspapers then it is because, in West Bengal, there have two schools of Panjika Makers. One of them is ‘Surya Siddhanta’, the old method (about 1500 years old), the other is  ‘Drik Siddhanta’ or ‘Bishuddha Siddhanta’ method. For lunar day / or tithi timings, Bishuddha Siddhanta gives you accurate timing. Bangla calendar with English covers them both.

Bangla Calendar with English adds some home screen widgets in your android device that shows the current Bengali date on home screen. Two of them shows the time as well.

Bangla calendar with English is easy to operate just click on left-right buttons on the top panel to change months.
Conversion from any English Month to Bangla Month included.

Bangla calendar with English National followed by Indian calendar, that means it shows all the thing related to India. it also shows holidays in 2019 for both Bangladesh and India have been included.

This app gives you a pure date of Bangla calendar in the English language. you can see all the events of Bangla in English that is very

Get Bangla Calendar with English through Aptoide Apk

You can get “Bangla calendar with English” from Aptoide App Store from the Aptoide App Store because Aptoide is a openlicence based app store that means there is no need to login on the Aptoide App Store and all the apps are on Aptoide Apk are trusted verified. Aptoide Apk gives you pure apk of this app.

Advantages of this app:-

  • Does not contain ads.
  • Easy to use.
  • See dates and months according to the Indian calendar.
  • All things and events are in English.
  • Takes less mobile data to download.
  • The app version 2.0 has minor changes.
  • Some minor bug fixed.
  • Button based navigation added instead of swapping navigation.
  • National Holidays for the year 2018 updated.
  • New Reduced app size and removed extra permissions.

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