Aptoide Apk for App2SD Apk 2019

Everyone has an SD card on their mobile phone and a PC which has a hard drive and you can separate them easily. when we separate it then found that SD card has the larger section on which you can store pictures, emails, etc. we know that phone also has its own internal flash memory which is Known as NAND storage and initially we install everything on NAND storage and you can’t install it in your SD card.

Aptoide Apk for App2SD Apk

Aptoide Apk for App2SD Apk

If you have more space in your SD card means that suppose you have 32 GB  SD card and 5 MB of internal storage then in a condition to you can not download anything in your mobile. Well, it is very difficult for us to find out the location where the app is installed and it becomes very difficult for those to install lots of apps. Here the Google come up with a way through which you can install the apps on SD cards. In that case, you cannot store them in the SD card but you can move the downloaded app.

Not all the data will move in SD card some of them will be left in internal storage. Apps2SD will work if you partition the SD card in two parts. App2SD will help you to find the location of the data that you want to move from that place. So the virtual process is going on in which the operating system thinks that all the downloaded app is storing on internal storage but in the reality, it is storing on the SD card with the help of App2SD.  If you have  4 GB SD card then you can divide it into two parts in the first one you can make 512 MB ext and another SD card will shrink to 3 GB.

Space is not lost it is accessed by the et partition. The App2SD is working with the SD card so your data will store on the two places.  App2SD stores the data in the internal storage of your device and then move it into the hidden section of your SD card.

We can understand the working of the app with some of the features which are as follows- 

This app works as app remover in which it uninstalls the system app and removes bloatware. It also works as BusyBox installer in which you don’t need any separate app to install busybox you can install everything from here. It also allows you to move some of the apps to the SD card. With the help of this game, you can enable and disable the game whenever you want. It will provide you the link to download newly updated apps.

Get Aptoide Apk for App2SD Apk

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