Aptoide Apk for App Ops

Aptoide Apk: App Ops is a permission manager app. App Ops is a framework inside Android which allows the permissions of individual apps to be tweaked. For security purpose, Android has a key feature- ‘app permission system’. when you install an app they are asked to agree to the permissions that the app requests. If you decline then the app isn’t installed. It is an all or nothing situation. The problem is that some permissions are requested because of secondary functionality (often connected with mobile advertising) that don’t have anything to do with the main function of the app.

Aptoide Apk for App Ops

This was originally introduced by Google in Android 4.3 as a hidden feature. With the release of KitKat, Google made it more difficult to access App Ops but continued to introduce new improvements to the feature. Ultimately in Android 4.4.2, Google removed access to App Ops. However, it’s still possible to access with root and an Xposed modification or custom ROM.

The main limitation of App Ops is that being made by Google, it only lets you block access to things that they are willing to let you block. Notably, App Ops doesn’t provide any ability to control whether an application should have access to the Internet. It’s also not possible to prevent apps from uniquely identifying your device, or you as a user, via your third party accounts. This means that an app can still tie together all of your account identities on your device and access your IMEI and other unique device identifiers with the appropriate permissions, and it’s not possible to prevent this using App Ops.

The App Ops functionality, when exposed via any one of the handy apps in the Play Store, allows users to change the permissions of an app. The idea is that if you don’t want your favorite flashlight app to collect your location data then you can revoke that permission just for that app, google this feature keeps you secure and notify you to give any permission.

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Basically, App Ops allows a user to revoke individual permission for an app. When the app then starts and tries to make an Android system call to access something that the user has now forbidden then Android will return an error and won’t grant access to that data or functionality. There is a reason that why such control is needed is because many apps have a very poorly defined set of permissions. In fact, there are probably cases where apps request certain permission and never actually use it. But the user doesn’t know that and there is no way to tell if an app is actually utilizing all the permissions it asked for.

Secondly, some of Android’s permissions are too coarse. For example, the “Read Phone State and Identity” permission is needed to detect when a call is being received so that the app can mute its own sound. But the same permission also allows the app to harvest the phone’s IMEI.

Thirdly, lots of mobile ad platforms rely on using data like the user’s location and the ability to access the Internet to serve ads. However, some ad platforms are just darn right rude about what they collect and how they store and process that data. There are some mobile advertising companies which claim to have millions of unique records about consumers which can track users from their phone to their desktop. Search for hemorrhoid cream on your phone and you soon start getting hemorrhoid cream ads inside your desktop web browser! They do assure us that this data is anonymous… but is it if they have your IMEI? as Google removed this feature but you can still use this feature-

  1. If you want to download this app note that your device should be rooted.
  2. If your device runs on  Android platform 5.0 or 5.1 and not rooted, please do not download, because you are not able to use this app due to the limit of Android.
  3. You can run this app on Android 6.0 and above without rooting, you can use this app by ADB (Android Debug Bridge), but this requires computer connection and a little bit troublesome setup steps.

Key Features:

  • Support non-rooted devices (require Android 6.0+ and ADB).
  • Support Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, and Oreo
  • Material Design.
  • Support multi-user and work profile.

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