Aptoide Apk for Angry Bird

Aptoide Apk: Angry Bird is the most popular game in our country even not only in our country but all around the world. There are versions of these games are available. But one version is completely freely available so if you have not played it then you can try with it so that you get to know that you want to play it more or not. The main objective of this game is to get rid of the pigs. And these pigs are usually blocked by the so many materials, glass, woods, and stones. And n the game you will require an Angry bird to get rid of this hindrance.

Aptoide Apk for Angry Bird

You can have the Angry Bird with the help of the Macbook if you have installed the MacBook app store. You can also download and get the version of the Angry bird in PC  but for this, you have to use Activation key to unlock the game. Another thing is that you can download the game from the Google Chrome web browser app store. And if you want to download it in your Android device then it is freely available for you.

If you want to start the game then here we are providing you the steps to use this and play in your device so follow it-

You can start the game by pulling back the slingshot with your finger and if you want to know that how high and low the bird flies then moving it up and down will get you now that where they are flying. If you will further pull back the slingshot then you will get to know how short or far the bird flies. After sometimes you will be practiced to know how to shoot the pigs and after that, you will make a correct right angle.

If you have a PC then you use a mouse instead of using fingers. And if you are ready to play this game then lift your finger off from the screen and bird should bump up into an obstacle and it may cause some damage to it. You have to repeat this process until all the pigs are gone and you have used up all the birds to try to do it as faster as you can do.  when you will progress in the game then you will there are various birds are there and all the different birds are giving different results when tapped. But remember that you have to launch the birds before the tapping. Each bird do the different task here we are providing you the details about the different birds that what they are doing-

Red Bird– they don’t have any super power. It is a very ordinary bird. What they do only get rid of the pigs and when you touch the screen then birds go to that place.

Blue Bird–  when you tap on the screen then it becomes three mini birds and this kind of the bird is best for breaking the glass.

Yellow Bird–  when you tap on the screen then it goes very fast and it works more efficiently on wood.

White Bird– you tap on the screen it will drop the exclusive egg. It is best to damage the target and it works fastly on the stone.

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