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   Aptoide for Android

Aptoide App is an alternative application of Google play store for Android mobiles which is operated by Android operating system. There is a need for some kind of stores to access the android application and that store is open source. The interaction and communication between the client and server are done by an open protocol based on XML.

Aptoide for Android Latest Version

The concept is encouraged by the APT packaging manager, which is capable of cooperative with multiple sources. When any user wants to access the package they can take the help of a client to search for sources where the application is stored. The name Aptoide is derived from the word “APT” (the Debian package manager) and “Oide”(the last syllable of “Android”).

Download Aptoide Android

   Download Aptoide App

Android is the biggest open source mobile platform. There are a large number of applications and games available for Android. All Android devices come pre-installed with Google Play Store. It lets you download and install a large number of games and apps on your device. Apart from Google Play Store, there are a few other app stores as well which let you download and install apps.

Aptoide Apk


The best part of Aptoide installer is that it is available in 40 languages. And It has billion of users who are using this it conatin 700,000 Android apps.

History of Aptoide for Android

At the end of 2010, it was launched in bazaar Android provided the services for the users to create their own store. And in August 2012, Aptoide and bazaar Android brands were merged to allow better communication.

The Depiction of Aptoide App Store

Android client the Aptoide client permit’s one to search, browser and install the application in Android phones. The Aptoide for Android is available in 17 languages.

To install Aptoide it is not available on Google play store the user has to retrieve the Apk ( installable file ) from its official site. Installation of Aptoide for Android requires users to allow the installation from unknown sources” in Android settings. When the installation of Aptoide gets completed the users are allowed to add a store. When a store is added using the URL of the store, Aptoide retrieves the list of the application and stores it locally.

The point to be noted here is that the communication between the Android client applications and the store is done using an XML file called info XML. The file keeps the record of the application in the store as well the basic information about each application available.

How to Download Aptoide App Store for Android Smartphones

The installation of Aptoide Apk is quite a user can easily download and install the Aptoide for smartphone here, we will provide you with the guidance for installation of Aptoide the steps are as follows:-

Step 1:- first of all go for setting and in setting check for security options and in the security option you have to check for “unknown resources” and when you find it click on it press the OK button and starts the download.

If you want to download and install the apps from an external mirror you should have to do some changes made in the setting of your smart devices. This is because Google does not allow to download the apps apart from the Google play store.

Step 2:- download the Aptoide Apk from below link or from its official website and save it to your devices.

Step 3:- now open the directory where you have saved the Aptoide apk download for Android file and tap on it to install you have to take care of step no. 1 if you don’t follow the step no .1 then installation will not carry out correctly. and this is because you are downloading the Aptoide Apk from the external mirror.

Step 4:- As installation gets complete you can now see the Aptoide icon will appear on the homepage of your device. To open the Aptoide app tap on the icon. Now you are allowed to access the Android apps available on the Aptoide marketplace at free of cost. Now you can download your desired apps whenever you want and most important thing is that revert step 1 so that any external app can’t be installed without your permission on your device.

Best Android Apps on Aptoide

There are various gaming apps are available on the Aptoide and there are different non-games apps are also available in Aptoide and that includes Android applications for social networking, travel, news, photography, productivity and many more.

The list of best apps are as follows:-

  1. Story:- story app allows your favorite memories to gather into videos, automatically from your slideshow collection of photos. You’ll have your own video shop to create stories from your experience in seconds with just a click. It cherishes your memories and gives a lovable moment to your lovely photos.
  2. Hole 19:- this app is for any golf – lover and a life saver for any golf player. The offline maps are great and the scorecard is just flawless. This app is like having your personal caddie in your pocket.
  3. Kuantokusta:- this one is only for shopaholics. It indicates “how much does it cost” and it compares prices of thousands of products in several stores throughout the country, allowing you to search by brand, product reference or name.
  4. Muzzley:- when we all are going towards our bed for sleep at night sometimes it happens that we forget to turn off the lights. It is the worst habit but with Muzzley no more. And with Muzzley you can now turn your home into “smart home” through remote management of smart devices anytime, anywhere.
  5. Myron:- Myron is the complete package that tells you about the promotions, information, photo reviews and price list of thousands of restaurants, spas, hairdressers and so much more.
  6. Music you:- music is the app that allows you to add music to your pictures and videos and customize it all with filters. You don’t need to send boring photos and long texts you can say it with music.
  7. Antivirus Pro for Android:- Antivirus Pro for Android is an antivirus app that protects your Android devices against viruses, malware, Spyware and helps to maintain all your personal data safe.


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