Ant Colony Simulator Mod Apk

An ant colony is a new type of game just introduced to the gaming market. This is a very different and unique game. The gameplay of this game is also very unique. Really the developers are so smart they have designed this game with a very unique approach. So this game is all about the Ant. In this particular game, you will get the details of the Ant while playing the game. you will also come to know about the real behavior of the Ants. Sound interesting isn’t it? It is a simulation category game. The developer of the game is Pixel Cells.

Ant Colony Simulator Mod Apk

Apk Mod Simulator Colony Ant

In this game, the Ants build their anthills means you can understand this term simply like a place where they live or stays. In shape, it is like a hill so it is also called anthill. Here you will come to about what they do the whole day. How they live and how they behave. In this game, the Ants are like the power full warriors who can save their territory when any enemy attacks to them. They know very well how to do defense and protect themselves from their enemies. How they collect and save food for their lives. All this detailing you will know when you play this game. since from childhood we had a curiosity about the Ants like how they live, how they collect food and how they protect themselves from the enemies so the developers did observation and developed this game so that you can Download it and play it.

Now we discuss the gameplay of the game here in this game you can create many types of ants in the ant colony like basically you can create 4 types of Ants here and they are-

  1. Scout
  2. Loader
  3. Warrior
  4. Worker

The Scout ants are a type of new ants they are new in the family. These type of ants always looks for food and they can also go so far from the anthills just for searching the food.

Now comes the Loader ants. These particular ants are very strong and smarter than others. Loaders ant has the ability to carry a lot of items at one time. Where other ants carry one item at one time but loaders ant carry several items at one time. They search for food which is close to their anthill. They do not travel far from the anthills.

The warrior ants are like warriors as the name indicates. What they do is defend other ants from the enemies and protect the other ants. They are one of the strongest ants in the colony.

The last type is Worker ants. Worker ant works just inside in the anthill. They manage all the things inside in the anthill. They feed the new ants and the queen too. They also help in building the anthill properly from inside and outside both.

The Minimum android support required is 4.1 or above.

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